Gaylen's Homegrown Popcorn

Gaylen and Shirley Backus had been farming for over 20 years when they decided in 1995 to plant 50 acres of popcorn for a company in Wisconsin. After doing that for a couple years they decided to raise popcorn and sell it under their own label in addition to their regular crop enterprises. That is when Gaylen's Homegrown Popcorn was established. Gaylen's Homegrown Popcorn averages between 300-500 acres of popcorn raised per year. Besides selling some of their product to national companies, they also sell their product under their own label. These products are Micro ears, 2 flavors of microwave popcorn, 2 lb., 12.5 lb., 25 lb., 50 lb. bulk bags, and also 2,000 lb. tote bags. Gaylen's Homegrown Popcorn also packages private label bags for other companies. Container shipment for export is also available and has been done a number of times.

In addition to edible yellow popcorn Gaylen's Homegrown Popcorn also packages many semi loads of feed popcorn for the bird seed market, by re-cleaning the edible popcorn screenings and packaging them.

Gaylen's Homegrown Popcorn also has a crew that sorts and packages field corn on the cob for squirrel and small animal feed. They currently package in 5 lb. and 25 lb. bags and sell approximately 200 ton a year to some national companies for resale through their stores.


23546 462 Ave.
Wentworth, SD 57075
(605) 483-3324

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