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4-H Science Day

4-H Center, 1000 S. Egan Ave.

Cost is $7.00. Pre-register by June 13. Bring a sack lunch—beverages provided.

Table Top Trebuchet You will be building a table top version of the old siege engines used in medieval times to knock down castle walls. It will be fun to build plus you will learn some of the physics of stored energy and motion. The trebuchet can be exhibited at Achievement Days. Supplies for this activity will be provided (2 hours)

Steam Boats Build your own steamboat which actually works. Participants will need to bring a 20 oz plastic bottle. The boat will actually move forward with the “steam” provided by a small votive candle that is furnished. (1-1/2 hours)

Hovercraft Build your own hovercraft to take home. Participants will actually build a small table top hovercraft and get the excitement of riding a large hovercraft capable of carrying an adult. Great fun. (1-1 ½ hours)

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